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Star of the Week


All About Me Sheet


Show and Tell


Share about your family. Bring photos or Powerpoint presentation.


Share a favourite Bible verse or Bible story

Tell us why you love it!


Share a favourite book and read your favourite part to the class (1-2 pages)


Other students will share kind things about the Star of the Week



Week Star of the Week Week Star of the Week
Sept 17 Aloe Jan 21 Jeremiah
Sept 24 Ariel Jan 28 Karis
Oct 9 Belinda Feb 4 Kaylee
Oct 15 Caden Feb 11 Kelsey
Oct 22 Charaine Feb 19 Markus
Oct 29 Charis Feb 25 Matthew
Nov 5 Connor Mar 4 Noah
Nov 13 Danielle Mar 11 Philip
Nov 19 Dawson Apr 8 Redd
Nov 26 Enoch Apr 15 Sean
Dec 3 Ethan Apr 23 Shawn
Dec 10 Hannah Apr 29 Siew Hoon
Jan 14 Hayden


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