The Week(s) in Review

Continuing our studies on biomes

Learning about inquiry. What makes a good question?

STEM challenge: make a bridge out of popsicle sticks and clips

STEM challenge: ball in cup

I’m really proud of 4L. We tackled our FSA’s, enjoyed our first Bear Creek run, and learned to inquire, research, and work together. I’m excited for the next week!

Have a great weekend. 🙂

Book Fair – Oct 29 – Nov 1

Hi 4L Parents,

It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for: Book Fair Week! As we prepare for next week’s festivities, Ms. Huber has a few announcements to help our book fair week run more smoothly.

  • There will be no AR quizzes after school next week. AR classes will continue as normal during the school day.
  • The library will be open for book exchange on Monday, Thursday and Friday as per usual (no book exchange on Wednesday)
  • Students will have opportunities to browse the fair during our library time (Wednesday).
  • Ms. Huber sent an email with specific details.  Please look at it for more information.

In grade 4, students are allowed to come to school with their own money to make book purchases. All sales are final, so if parents send money with their children, they need to communicate those guidelines at home. Unfortunately, students are also not allowed to buy things for their friends or lend their friends money.

I am excited to see what new books students will discover.

Read on!

Mr. Lam

Bear Creek Run Update

Hi Parents,

I hope this blog post finds you well.

I am still feeling under the weather (no pun intended) so I will not be attending the Bear Creek Run tomorrow. Rest assured, the rest of the grade 4 and 5 teachers and EA’s will be there to supervise during the day. I kindly ask that if you are planning for your child to return home with you instead of going back to RCS on the school bus that you sign out with one of the grade 4 teachers or Mrs. Buffaloe before you leave. We want to make sure that all students are safe and accounted for.

Many thanks,

Mr. Lam

Bear Creek Run

Dear Parents,

The forecast for Thursday, October 25 calls for rain. If your child will be attending the Bear Creek Run, please make sure he/she is adequately dressed for the occasion. During the run, students are asked to wear their red RCS PE shirt however, after the run, they should be dressed warmly as they will be out in the elements for the rest of the day. A nice waterproof windbreaker, umbrella, change of clothes and snacks are advisable.

Many thanks,

Mr. Lam

This Week’s Free Write

Hi class,

Here are the pictures for the 2 free writes. Choose one of these sets to write on.

Our goal is to have a convincing problem at the beginning of our story. You just need to write 2 paragraphs of your story (you don’t need to finish the whole thing for tomorrow).

Pink Set (Challenge) From left to right: Pack on a stick, Hermes, tiara, Minotaur, ink and quill, Werewolf, harp, hay in wheelbarrow, wizard.

I’m looking forward to reading some interesting story starts.

Mr. Lam