Scheduling for April 29 – May 3

Hi Parents,

It has been a busy past three weeks here at the Elementary Campus. I wanted to draw your attention to a few things that are coming up in the next week.

Tuesday, April 30th: Queen Elizabeth Park Photography Field Trip

Thank you for signing the permission forms. Please ensure that your child has a CAMERA/old phone for the field trip as the purpose of the field trip is to practice our photography skills.

Thursday, May 2nd: Track and Field Meet

Please ensure that students are dressed appropriately and have a packed lunch, snack, and water. Parents are more than welcome to join us for the fun.

Friday, May 3rd: Guest Presentation

RCS has the opportunity to have a team member from the Reach Child and Youth Development Society join us on May 3 to talk about ways in which we are all similar, ways in which we all may differ and how we all have strengths and challenges. Students will have an opportunity to think about ‘social senses’, how we use then in our daily lives and what it’s like for people with autism to use their ‘social senses’.
Thanks for your attention. Have a wonderful weekend!

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