Cardboard Carnival Dates

Dear Parents,

I’m very proud and excited to invite you all to celebrate the hard work that’s taken place in our class over the last month. We will be holding our Cardboard Carnival(s) during the last week of February. Here are some dates you can look forward to:

Wednesday, February 26th: Trial Carnival at 2:00pm

-4L students and parents will get to test out other classmates’ games.

Friday, February 28th – Carnival for Grade 1’s from 1:15pm – 2:30pm

-Grade 4 student will be running a carnival for Grade 1 classes.

*Parent volunteers are needed to run the prize booth.*

To make our celebration enjoyable for the grade 1’s, students are encouraged (but not required) to bring some prizes to contribute to the carnival. Some items they can bring are:

  • gently used toys (for example: Happy Meal toys, stuffies, trinkets)
  • old books (near grade 1 reading level)
  • stationery

Each game booth will be given tickets to pass out to grade 1 students. Students can use their tickets to redeem prizes at the prize booth.

We will be collecting donations this coming week. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Also, if you would like to volunteer to help during the Grade 1 Carnival on Friday, Feb 28th, please let me know.



Mr. Lam




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