Library Announcement

The last day for after school library and AR will be Thursday, May 30th. This will also be the last day that students can take out books.

All library books will be due the following Thursday, June 6. Students can return books anytime that week.

Next week, library will be part of the MONDAY (May 27) switches, and music will be on WEDNESDAY (29th). Please let your students know. This is only for next week.

Tinkering Station

Hi Parents,

Today during Science, I introduced an optional learning extension opportunity for students who might be interested. It’s called a “Tinkering Station.” Students who choose to join are invited to bring old devices or electronics that they can take apart with the purpose of investigating how energy is transferred from one form to another.

The rules and expectations of the project are included in a package I’ve sent home. By signing the package, you are communicating that you allow your child to bring an old non-working device.

Criteria for Devices

Items donated or brought to school to be disassembled should not be working. Electrical cords should be cut off so to ensure safety. Items should also not have any sharp edges or dangerous chemicals that might be housed inside.

Some suggested items that are safe to donate:

-old mobile phones
-small household appliances (eg. toaster, clocks)
-electronic devices (remotes, keyboards, headphones, speakers)
-old toys (nerf guns, wind up toys, toys that have moving parts)

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Scheduling for April 29 – May 3

Hi Parents,

It has been a busy past three weeks here at the Elementary Campus. I wanted to draw your attention to a few things that are coming up in the next week.

Tuesday, April 30th: Queen Elizabeth Park Photography Field Trip

Thank you for signing the permission forms. Please ensure that your child has a CAMERA/old phone for the field trip as the purpose of the field trip is to practice our photography skills.

Thursday, May 2nd: Track and Field Meet

Please ensure that students are dressed appropriately and have a packed lunch, snack, and water. Parents are more than welcome to join us for the fun.

Friday, May 3rd: Guest Presentation

RCS has the opportunity to have a team member from the Reach Child and Youth Development Society join us on May 3 to talk about ways in which we are all similar, ways in which we all may differ and how we all have strengths and challenges. Students will have an opportunity to think about ‘social senses’, how we use then in our daily lives and what it’s like for people with autism to use their ‘social senses’.
Thanks for your attention. Have a wonderful weekend!

4L Chapel Video

Hi Class,

In case you want to watch the “on-screen” portion of the chapel again and delight your parents with your gorgeous faces and heart-felt messages, here it is:

4L Chapel 2019

Also, if parents have photos or videos, please kindly share them with the rest of us! 🙂 You can email me with a link and I can share that with the class via email.


Mr. Lam



Hi Parents,

Since we have chapel tomorrow, we will need the extra time in the morning to prepare. Please kindly arrive at 8:10am at the usual back door (by our classroom) where Mrs. Buffaloe will receive students and help them get ready.

Looking forward to tomorrow.


Mr. Lam