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To the Parents/Guardians of Guatemala Team Members:

Do you find yourself appreciating others more than ever during this extraordinary time of pandemic? This is an acute time
of learning what is to live sacrificially, as Jesus did. We ask, “What does it mean to love others more than ourselves?”

As much as we desire to go to Guatemala, the RCS Staff Chaperones and Administration prayerfully decided to heed the
advice of medical and travel professionals, and not to take a risk by traveling to Guatemala this July 2020. It is more loving
to continue physical distancing than run the risk of infecting Guatemalans or each other. This realization comes with
disappointment and sadness.

In our disappointment, we can choose to set our eyes on God’s hand at work. The Impact Ministries staff and families are
healthy in Tactic, praise the Lord.

“We are all well. The toilet paper shelves are empty in Tactic and there is a lot of fear. We live in a
crazy world…. may we all come closer to Jesus because of it…. On Christ the solid rock I stand! ALL
other ground is sinking sand.” – Les Peters, Impact Ministry Founder

Our decision was based on several pieces of information. Currently, the Guatemalan borders are closed and are likely to
remain that way for a while. Impact Ministries is unable to receive teams or fieldworkers at this time. Guatemala’s cases of
the virus continue to rise.

We are currently in touch with our travel agent and Impact Ministries regarding the possibility of refunds. As we
communicate with them, we are also asking of ways that we can support them during this time of crisis. We will pass on
both of those pieces of information as they become available.

We understand that postponing the trip is appealing; it is our hope that we will be able to rebook. However, the
uncertainty of travel makes this impractical so there are no arrangements being made at this time.

Because we are all in the middle of demanding school adjustments, please collect your questions, thoughts, and feelings
and we will meet together on Thursday, April 9 at 7:00 pm via Zoom to process what this means.

You have worked so hard this year: we couldn’t be prouder of you! We are thoroughly convinced God will cultivate the
investment He has made in you this year. One day, you will testify to how God has used the things He planted in
unforeseen ways. We look forward to those stories.

Until that time, please remember how much we love you and stand with you in all you might be feeling.

Melissa Flores, Sharon Johnsey, Emily Anderson, Rob Buller-Taylor, Carly Orr, Peter Field and Neil Zastre
On behalf of Richmond Christian School


Impact Ministry Update from Les and Rita Peters, for anyone who is interested:

We, as RCS Teachers and Administration, are praying for all of you during this unprecedented time.