Picture Book Audio Recordings

Hello! You are going to create an audio recording of your selected picture book.


  • use inflection, different character voices, demonstrate emotions with your voice- in other words, act!
  • If you wish, you can go further and add sound effects!
  • Don’t forget to introduce your book title, author and illustrator at the start of your recording, and to include, “Written by……”  (add your name) at the end of your recording.

Using Garage Band, Mrs. Osborne recorded the book, The Day You Begin, written by Jacqueline Woodson and illustrated by Rafael Lopez.

Listen to Mrs. Osborne’s recording:


  • Get your book.  Read it aloud once, all the way through.
  • open Garage Band on an iPad
  • Click the “+” sign on the top right corner to start a new audio recording
  • Select “Audio Recorder”, then “Voice”
  • VERY IMPORTANT: in top right corner, under the ? symbol, click the “+’ symbol.  Click on “Section A”, and toggle the “Automatic” button.  This will ensure you record until you press stop; otherwise you’d only record 8 bars before recording stops.
  • Select”Radio Ready” from Vocal selection
  • Press the “metronome” symbol (looks like a triangle with a stick), so that it is grey, not blue.
  • Go to a quiet space with your book, and if possible, use connect headphones to iPad that have built-in microphone, like the Apple earbuds.
  • When you are ready, press the red dot at the top of the screen to begin recording. Record your audiobook.  Press the square button when you are finished.
  • To start over, press the “undo” arrow, which will delete everything and start over.
  • When you are done, Click “My Songs” on the top left corner
  • Press your file once to rename- rename to your first name and book title:  Osborne: The Day you Begin
  • Press your file twice to ‘share’.  Airdrop to Mrs. Osborne’s Macbook