Christmas at the mclibrary 

Christmas has arrived at the RCS MCLibrary!

All the library helpers pulled out every green book we could find so that we could construct this book tree. Apparently, Indigo stole the idea from us- we are ahead of the game here at the mclibrary.


My Monday after school team of Grade 6 Library League helpers helped me to create this torn paper nativity scene for our library windows. We added names of Jesus from Isaiah 9: Immanuel, God with us; Wonderful Counselor; Mighty God; King of Kings; Prince of Peace; and added the words, “Let us adore him” over the nativity for a special reminder to keep our hearts focused on the meaning of the season.


Every year, the MC has a Christmas tree door contest- we created a tree from old book pages and will add some book ornaments to complete it soon!


The Secondary Campus library does this every Christmas, so we decided to borrow this excellent idea: students can come in, choose a gift-wrapped book, bring to the circulation counter to check out, and take it home, open the book gift and read it! It’s surprise Christmas reading.


Each week in December, we are offering DIY Christmas gift workshops. Last week, we made glitter deer-head wall art; this week- handmade Christmas cards; next week- book page candle jar and star garlands; and if we have time, we will make book page and felt Christmas trees.


This morning, there was an adorable elf sitting on the shelf with a note attached- looks like we have a new library Elf named Eugene- thank you to whomever helped Eugene find his way to us! He will be well-loved…


…but I have a funny feeling that even though he is so adorable, Eugene will get into all sorts of mischief in the library… we’ll have to see what he gets up to!

Hour of Code- success!

We had a successful first annual Hour of Code event after school December 5th, 2016. We held our event simultaneously with the secondary campus’s Hour of Code and the middle campus had 20 participants, exactly half of which were girls! We all completed the Star Wars challenge, with most students trying the advanced option and newcomers like me (Mrs. Osborne) trying the beginner option. Congratulations to all who participated- Ethan, Darian, Aaron, Gabriel, Roy, Matthew, Carlin, Sebastian, Loukas, Theo, Jio, Grace, Karis, Micah, Eunice, Sandra, Adeline, Solana Natalie, Madeline, and Grace!

Here are some photos of the event:



Writing code- and not for the first time!

Girl power!

Girl power!


Every participant came away with a certificate, a Star Wars candy cane and an “I did the Hour of Code” sticker to wear as a badge of honour:



First to finish; proudly wearing their stickers

First to finish; proudly wearing their stickers