Mapping Activity

Do you know which First Nations occupied the land you live on? Learn about the First Nations who lived in the Greater Vancouver area by completing this mapping activity.  

STEP 1: Download the printable handout – CLICK HERE

STEP 2:  Then use this interactive map (click below) to label the map on your handout. You could shade or use highlighters.

CLICK HERE FOR Interactive Map


STEP 3: Answer the following TWO questions:
1. Find your home on the map. Which First Nation originally lived in this land?
2. Find our school on the map. Which First Nation originally lived in this land?



Language Activity

Learn 10 Phrases in Halkomelem

Halkomelem is a Coast Salish language spoken by more than 40 First Nations stretching from the Fraser Valley to the B.C. Coast to Vancouver Island.

Pronunciation: halk-uh-may-lem
Regions spoken: British Columbia, Washington State

STEP 1: Download the printable handout – CLICK HERE

STEP 2:  Then use this website to learn about the language and explore how to say various words/phrases. The website provides an audio clip for pronunciation.


STEP 3: Choose 10 words to record on your handout and practice saying them.


Inner HOpe

Learn about Inner Hope and what they do: https://www.innerhope.ca 

Inner hope is an awesome organization involved in reconciliation work here in Vancouver. They support indigenous youth with mentorship and life skills programs.

Learn more by exploring their website and watching these video testimonies from their About Us page:

See more videos here

Learn how you can support or pray for them.

Spend some time praying for them.