Follow the Steps below to record your podcast:

  1. Rehearse your speaking points/recording before you start!!!
  2. Open Garage Band on an iPad:
      • Click the “+” sign on the top right corner to start a new audio recording
      • Select “Audio Recorder”, then “Voice”

  1. Follow these IMPORTANT instructions to make sure the settings are correct:
      • VERY IMPORTANT: in top right corner, click the “+’ symbol.  Click on “Section A”, and toggle the “Automatic” button.  This will ensure you record until you press stop; otherwise you’d only record 8 bars before recording stops.







      • Select “Radio Ready” from Vocal selection
      • Press the “metronome” symbol (looks like a triangle with a stick), so that it is grey, not blue. If it is blue, you will hear the metronome clicking throughout your recording.

  1. Find a quiet space.
        • If you are working on your own, it’s best if you connect headphones to iPad that have built-in microphone, like the Apple earbuds.
        • If recording with a small group, go somewhere there’s not a lot of noise to record.
  1. Follow these steps to record:
      • When you are ready, press the record button (red dot at the top of the screen) to begin recording. Press the stop (square button) when you are finished.
      • You can stop and start with your recording but make sure your cursor is where you left off when recording! It will always count you in from 4 so don’t start talking right away!
      • At any point in type you can press the “undo” arrow, which will delete everything and start over.

  1. When you’re done:
      • When you are done, Click “My Songs” on the top left corner
      • Press your file once (or hold for 3 seconds) to rename your file- rename to your class and group names (i.e.: 8T Bob, Larry, Junior)
      • Press your file again now to ‘share’.  Select “SONG” not project.
      • Select High Quality.  Airdrop to Mrs. Jenden’s Macbook


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