VOTE for your favourite “Pet Caught Reading”!

We had 14 Pets Caught Reading submissions this month- now is the time to vote on your favourite!

Voting guidelines: Please only vote once. Don’t vote for your own pet. Consider the reading material of the pet that gets your vote and the creativity of the photo.

Vote by commenting below with the pet name that you like best and why you think this pet is the best.  Voting is open until 1pm, Thursday, December 1st.  Winner will be posted here by 2:45pm. Anyone can vote- so get your friends to vote for your pet!

Here are all our submissions from November!

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37 thoughts on “VOTE for your favourite “Pet Caught Reading”!

  1. Justin Lai says:

    I like Fire the Fish by Josh W cause one reason it’s a fish and i like fish and second he asked me to vote for him for prez.

  2. Charles Huang says:

    I’m voting for Ramses!
    Hes reading a book about pooping and that’s funny
    and he reminds me of my dog
    and a coyote!

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