Access the McLibrary Audio/Ebooks on Destiny Discover

We have some audiobooks and ebooks available through our middle campus library. These can be viewed and accessed through Destiny Discover.  Here is a step by step guide on how to do this:

1. Set up an Account
We will need to create a Destiny Discover Online account for you. If you are interested you can:  APPLY FOR A ONLINE ACCOUNT HEREOnce you’ve completed this form, we’ll send you an email with your log in info. 

2. Log into Destiny Discover

                           Go to Destiny Discover

Then type in the log in information you were sent:


3. Browse and Check out Audio/Ebooks

  • You can then browse available audiobooks and ebooks. 
  • To check out a book click on it, then select “checkout”

  • If a book is currently unavailable, you can place a hold


4. Download The Destiny Read App

As a last step, you will want to download the Destiny Read App

This App will allow you to open your audiobook/ebook and read from your iPad, tablet or phone. 

5. Enjoy your book!
Open the Destiny Read app on your iPad/phone and you should see your checkouts there. Read or listen in this app. You can return the book from the app when you’re done! 




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