Below, find excellent resources to help you gather information to help you create your Ancient Egypt survival kit. As you research, don’t forget to keep an eye out for something that you may wish to include as your wild card item.

Remember, you will be marked on your notes for each topic, so ensure you:

  • select only the most important and relevant information to your topic
  • rewrite the information you find in your own words
  • record the source information (book or website)
  • you need minimum 2 notes for each source you use
  • you need minimum 2 sources for each topic
  • you may use these digital sources or print sources provided









BUILDER’S CHALLENGE 5: Disney or Sports scene


Here are some of our submissions for our 5th builder’s challenge- using any supplies students wanted:

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Second prize goes to another Lego Soccer Match by Athan and Jonathan, Grade 6:


Soccer match: The Goalie saves the ball! Mr. Redcap is shooting a penalty kick and the goalie is diving for the ball (helmet)! By Athan and Jonathan, Gr. 6

First prize goes to Ben and Ivan for their Keva Disney palace, complete with jail and courtyard!

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Builder’s Challenge 3- RCS Staff


Students had a box of random odds and ends from which to create an RCS staff member of their choice.  Click through the gallery to see which staff members made it into the challenge, and scroll down to see our first and second place winner:


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Second prize goes to Priscilla and Kayla in Grade 7 who created their teacher, Ms. Peters:



Ms. Peters likes to ski so we put a mountain behind her and put skis on. By Priscilla & Kayla, Grade 7.

First prize goes to the super creative depiction of our principal and vice-principal by Myles and Jaime, Grade 7:


Darth Finch vs. Burton Yoda by Myles & Jaime, Grade 7.

Prize winners, see Mrs. Osborne on Friday to pick up your prizes!  These creations will be on display until Monday, at which time they will be delivered to their dopplegangers.

Builder’s Challenge 2: Famous building


Here are our contest entries for our second builder’s challenge:

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SECOND PLACE goes to The Colosseum by Brayden and Owen in Grade 6:


FIRST PRIZE goes to Carlin and Jon in grade 7 with their elaborate Empire State building:

The Empire State building by Carlin and Jon, grade 7

Naughty elf!

We came into the library this morning to find our naughty elf, Eugene, caught with a crayon in his hand! Can you believe he coloured on a copy of the current Grade 8 novel study book, “The Outsiders”?


He drew a tree and signed his name!

Builder’s Challenge- Day 1: Christmas Morning from Lego

Today, we started our first Builder’s Challenge! Students could work in teams of two to interpret the following prompt using Lego.  Our winners got to choose either a Lego minifigure or they could take a risk and open any door in a Lego Advent Calendar.

Here are some of our contest entries!

Santa is watching Bob open his Christmas presents. There’s a green bin outside (yay for environmental responsibility!) by Vanessa and Nicole, Grade 6.

A Festive, Cool, Christmas morning by Brayden and Owen, Grade 6

Tom just woke up to see the winter wonderland outside.

The sneaky monkey opens his presents before Christmas, but doesn’t see Santa staring at him! By Wayne & friend, Grade 8

SECOND PLACE: Inside the house the father is giving a present to the boy. The place is littered with presents. There is an awesome Christmas tree with a star at the top. Christmas is about giving, not getting! (by Solomon and Theo, grade 6)

FIRST PLACE: People are giving gifts to each other and having a good time. By Travis and Jeremy, grade 6.

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the RCS mclibrary! We have a fun year planned and can’t wait for you to see what is coming!  Click the images below to learn more about library life this school year.  The best news is that your library is now open EVERY DAY at lunch and after school!  YAY!

How to Give a Book Talk

How to Give a Booktalk

Do you have the power to make your friends read a book?  Use these tips to write the best booktalk!

  1.  HOOK YOUR AUDIENCE: Get your audience excited to read the book right away. Use a rhetorical question, read a quote, act out a monologue- the more creative the better!
  2. SUMMARY: Just like a movie trailer would do, give a brief plot summary of the book WITHOUT giving away the ending! No spoilers! Be sure to introduce the title and author.
  3. PERSONAL OPINION:  Share your opinion! Why did you love this book? What did you like about the plot? Characters? How did it make you feel? What other books or movies did this book remind you of? What would you rate it?
  4. RECOMMENDATION: What kind of people would like this book? Who would you recommend it to?
  5. CLOSE:  Close with another enticing hook that will get your friends to want this book- include a quote, a cliffhanger, another rhetorical question…

Don’t forget:

  • Bring the book to your booktalk
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!
  • Do something unexpected

Photo by Ben White

Stop Motion Love Stories- THE WINNER!

Wow! Today at lunch, we viewed all the completed Stop Motion Love Stories for our February contest.  We were very impressed with the talent of these students, all of whom were in Grade 6! The winner was up-and-coming animator Eli in Gr. 6 with “A Sad Love Story” followed by “A War Love Story” by Myles and Anson. Eli won $20 worth of Scholastic dollars to spend in the March Reading Club.

Here are the 2 winning submissions:



See all 6 of our submissions on our YouTube playlist here.