The WeRead Community Challenge

We’re very excited to be launching the 2023 WeRead Community Challenge! This is an opportunity to read books in community and to challenge yourself and set  reading goals for the year. 

Pick up a challenge form from the Learning Commons to join in:

Read a book from one of the monthly themes and tell us about it HERE to receive a sticker and join for our end of month book party! We’ll have snacks, games and prize draws at the book parties. Collect all 8 stickers throughout the year to join in for our end of year event!



WeREad super challenge

Want to challenge yourself further? Check out the WeRead Super Challenge! With this challenge board you can customize and set your own reading goal for the year. Set a goal of a total number of books, or number of books you’d like to read each month and keep track of your completed books here: 


But wait…there’s more!

We’ve got bookmarks too! 


Come by the LC to pick one up or if you have any questions about the challenge.


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