April in the Learning Commons

April is Poetry Month!

Looking for more info on our April activities? You’ve come to the right place!


This month’s book themes are Free Verse and Our Planet and Grow your Faith. Check out the books on display in the Learning Commons and find a great read today!

Read a book from one of these themes in April to collect a sticker at the end of the month and join for the WeRead book party for snacks, games and prizes!

Poetry MOnth Challenges

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To celebrate poetry month, there are 5 poetry prompts in the LC all month – come write a poem in response to that prompt, and share your poem on the form/padlet for an invite to our Poetry Cafe on April 26th! We’ll have a special treat for the authors of our 5 favourite poems from the month! There are also 3 poetry workshops this month to write a poem in, and Poem in Your Pocket, where you can take poems and carry them in your pocket with new ones each week.

April maker mondays


We’ll print cards with the winning photo/poem to sell at the ICC fair!

*Reminder: All photos must be taken BY YOU and since this contest started.
Enjoy some time in nature, take a photo and write a haiku about/inspired by your photo. All submissions due before Earth day (Apr 22nd).


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