Reading Raffle- May

We have five great new reads being featured this month and you can enter a draw to be the FIRST person to check this book out from our school! See below for a summary of each of the books, and come at lunch MON-WED to get your name in a draw. You can have 1 ticket each day at lunch!




Calling all Wings of Fire Fans….The 15th and concluding book is finally here! Luna has always wanted to change the world, to fix it and free it, even if she’s never known how. Now that all the dragons, and humankind are in mortal danger, Luna is flying back home to Pantala with a team of dragons on a rescue mission. But saving a continent isn’t as easy as a prophecy makes it sound. As she fights her way to the abyss that hides the dark roots poisoning Pantala, Luna must uncover a long-buried secret and unite her friends, enemies and her own powers. If she doesn’t, she won’t be able to change the world and she’ll have to say goodbye to it, forever! Get ready for adventure, action and the fight for the survival of all dragonkind! 

If you liked…Wings of Fire (you’ll want to read the other books first), The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart, Legends of the Sky…you might like this book


Annie Inoue was taught by her dad to dream big. She tries out for the basketball team, despite being less than 5’3” and when auditions for the school musical are scheduled, she sets her sights on a lead role. Annie is thrilled when she lands an impressive role in the production of The King and I, until she begins to hear rumours and grumbling from her mostly white classmates, who are claiming that she was only cast because she is Japanese, and the character happens to be Asian. Annie is hurt and confused. Is this all people see when they look at her? Not only that, but the rumour comes from an unexpected source, forcing Annie to wrestle with who she can trust while dealing with all the microaggressions directed at her. Disheartened but determined, Annie channels her hurt into a new dream: Showing people what she is made of. An empowering story about a Japanese American girl’s fight to find her place, rise above racism and push past the trials of middle school to chase her dreams. 

If you liked…Broken Strings, Front Desk, Blended…you might like this book


Francie and her parents embark on a spring road trip driving through British Columbia and down into the Grand Canyon. They plan to hike, camp and adventure but when their GPS leads them astray down an old logging road that was supposed to be a shortcut, disaster strikes. Their truck hits a rock and wipes out the oil pan and they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Francie can’t help but feel a little excited. She’s often imagined how she’d survive if she got stranded in the forest, and now here they are. But her survival skills will be put to the test. Will her knowledge of how to build a fire, gather dandelion leaves for tea and find their way be enough when hours stretch into days? A compelling survival story set in BC! 

If you liked…Hatchet, Wildfire, The Barren Grounds…you might like this book


Aru Shah is BACK for a 4th adventure in The City of Gold! Aru made a wish on the tree of wishes, but she can’t remember what it was. However, she’s pretty sure she didn’t wish for a new sister, one who looks strangely familiar and claims to be the Sleeper’s daughter, just like her. She also isn’t sure she still wants to fight with the devas in the war against the Sleeper but her and her sisters embark on a journey to find their mentors in Lanka, the city of gold before war breaks out between the devas and the asuras. Kubera, the ruler of the city of gold promises to give the Pandavas two powerful weapons, but only if they win his trials. If they lose, they won’t stand a chance against the Sleeper’s troops. Aru’s biggest question though, is why every adult she has loved and trusted keeps disappointing her. Will she come to peace with what they’ve done before she has to wage the battle of her life? Find out in this wonderful magical, fantasy adventure! 

If you liked…Aru Shah and the End of Time (You’ll want to read the other books first), Percy Jackson, The Storm Runner…you might like this book


Ever since Shinji’s parents died, he has been raised and homeschooled by his Aunt Yui. Being homeschooled has some perks, in that they live a life that includes months of travel, and he joins her as she hunts for unique items from around the world to sell in her shop in Miami. While floating down the Zambezi River in one of these quests, Shinji find a mysterious small figurine of a Coatl, a mythical feathered serpent, that seems to be calling to him. But after he buys it, he is kidnapped and held captive by the Highwater Corporation in New York City and informed that it brings with it, a deadly curse. As his concern and distrust for the Hightower Corporation grows, he must hatch a plan escape from the corporation and find his aunt again. A fun filled globe-trotting adventure that is the perfect blend of old-world legends and a little bit of magic! 

If you liked…Trials of Apollo, Aru Shah, City Spies….you might like this book


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May in the Learning Commons

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THIS MONTH’S THEME IS… Enter a new world, open a book!


May Reads

Check out this months reading themes below! Read a book from one of these categories to get a sticker and enter a draw to win a free book! Check out these books in the Learning Commons or click on the signs to browse the collections in destiny discover:


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You’ll get a sticker and enter a draw to win a free book at the end of the month. Collect all FOUR stickers for an invite to the end of year movie party!




May the fourth Challenge: 

The Challenge:  Design a 3D spaceship model. Must be an original design (made by you) but you can gain inspiration from models that exist or real spaceships.

Wed May 4th- Wed May 11th 

Participants enter a draw for STAR WARS SWAG!!



The challenge is to read a fantasy novel and CREATE something something based on or inspired by a fantasy novel you that bring the world of that novel or the characters to life! 

This could be an art piece, a piece of writing, fan fiction, write an alternate ending, imagine yourself in a scenario (in art or writing), book character bookmarks, a baked good (cookies, cupcakes, cake) a board game, book maze, the possibilities are endless!


Come to the Learning Commons for more info!



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