McLibrary Learning Commons Plus- April 29th

PHOTO CONTEST: Pets Caught Reading!

Submit a photo of your pet caught reading to enter the contest for a chance to win a free ebook!

SUBMIT your photo here

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Make something for mom! 

Need a gift for Mother’s Day this year? Check out these awesome ideas for DIY mothers day gifts. Make something for your mom and submit a photo to enter a draw to win a $10 Indigo gift card!

Submit a photo of what you made for your mom here


Don’t forget about…

Want to connect and chat about books, get a recommendation or just catch up! Come to our virtual library lunches!



Poetry Highlights:

Check out these submissions from last weeks poetry challenges! Congratulations to….Lois, Myah and Austin! You have each one a free EBOOK that will be emailed to you this week!

Book Spine and Blackout Poems!


McLibrary Learning Commons Plus- April 22nd

Three amazing books written in free verse and available for great deals on Googleplay in ebook or audiobook format! Check these out:


THREE poetry challenges, three chances to WIN!
All Submissions due NEXT WEDNESDAY!

QUarantine Poetry: Six line poems

Write six lines of poetry and submit to enter a draw for a free ebook that will be emailed to you! Enter more than once and increase your chances! 



Book Spine Poems

Poetry is all around us, you just need to look! Line up the spines of 4-6 books to create a poem! Submit a photo HERE to enter our contest!

BLackout Poetry

Combine art and poetry by creating a blackout poem! Click below for instructions, ideas and inspiration. Send in a photo of your completed blackout poem for a chance to win a free ebook!

Submit your blackout poem here!


Still looking for something to read? 

Have you checked out these awesome options yet? CHECK THEM OUT!! 😉


Don’t forget about our…Design challenge!

Accepting submissions until the end of the April!


Coming soon…

Want to connect and chat about books, get a recommendation or just catch up! Come to our virtual library lunch!! We’ll be starting next week, April 29th.

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McLibrary Learning Commons Plus

Missing the Learning Commons? ME TOO!

Don’t fret, not all is lost! I will be bringing the learning commons to you on this blog! Stay tuned each week for recommended reads, photo contests, design challenges. Don’t forget to submit photos and share what you’re reading.  Go ahead and bookmark this page! There’s LOTS of fun coming up! 



These audiobooks are available for FREE online right now.
Don’t miss these opportunities to listen!

Selfie Share: What are you Reading? 

What is your favourite book you’ve read since you’ve been quarantined? Take a selfie with it and submit it here:

Share your selfie HERE



Bored at home? Join us for our FIRST offsite learning Design Challenge! Submissions due at the end of April! 

Submit a photo of your puzzle HERE!


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Grade 8 Social Justice Book Tasting

Hi Grade 8s!
In the next couple days you will have an opportunity to “taste” a variety of books before you select one for your Social Justice Book Report. 



1.  Read through the descriptions of each form of injustice

2.  Choose 2-3 topics that are most interesting to you, explore the books on those lists. You will need to find a book you haven’t read before that interests you.

3.  Complete this scavenger hunt as you explore the books.  

Click here for the Scavenger Hunt forM


Click on the box to view the book list for each topic:






How do I get a book?

    • EBOOK or Kindle Version: Many of these books are available as ebooks through Googlebooks. There’s info on the google books “about page” on how you can purchase it.
    • ORDER A COPY ONLINE: Order through Amazon or Indigo for a copy to be delivered to you.
    • Audiobook: See if you can find an audiobook copy. Audible has a one month free trial.
    • Check Libby: If you have a libby account with the public library, you can check here as well!
    • OUR LIBRARY: We have copies of most of these books in our Library. On Wednesday a sign up will be posted on Edmodo that you can use to claim a library copy. This will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. If you get a book you wanted through this, you can come to pick it up from school Thursday April 9th during the Grade 8 book pick up.

 Whatever option you chose for getting your book, You will need to have it by Friday April 10th!

Stay tuned!
The library book sign up will be posted on Edmodo Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM!