March in the Learning Commons

Reading can take you places – where will reading take you this month?

march reads

This month’s reading themes are Book Fair Favs and Reading Around the World. Come check out the books on display in the Learning Commons, or click through to browse the collections on Destiny!


If you read a book from one of these themes in February, you can collect a sticker at the end of the month for the WeRead Community challenge and join us at the book party for snacks, games and prize draws!

march Making challenges

Join us in the LC for the first two weeks of March on a Maker Passport Challenge for a chance to win a candy jar!

Let the making continue over March Break with two fun challenges: a Tic Tac Toe board and a Photo Contest!

French Language Week is this month! Join us in the LC for French Game Day for a fun Kahoot, and join us for a fun game of Wordle (en francais, of course), all week!

chibird — I hope you all find this cute even though it's...