How to Use The Libby App

How to get started

Once you’ve downloaded the Libby app,  search to find your library and add your library card. You can add more than one library card if you have multiple.Then you can explore your library’s collection, borrow titles or place holds.

Your Shelf is where you will find all your loans and holds. Your holds will automatically get checked out to you when they are available. Your loans will automatically be returned on their due date.

You can tap Manage Loan to see more options such as returning a book early or suspending your hold if you’re not ready to read it yet.

Don’t have a Public Library Card yet? 

Click here to set one up online for the Richmond Public Library or
Vancouver Public Library.


USING LIBBY To Find and check out books

When you’re looking for a book you can search by the title or search by what is available. You can also set filters or limit your search by audience (i.e. Young adult) or genre.


Reading or LIstening on Libby

Listening to an Audiobook
When you are listening to an audiobook you can adjust the speed of your audiobook by clicking on this button or holding it down and and dragging to adjust to a custom speed.


Reading an Ebook
You can change the reading settings by clicking on the setting button (three lines),  which will take you to a screen with multiple setting options (font, lighting, text size)


Tips for making the most of libby

  1. Search for what is available
    Set the search parameters to search within what is available on the app. You can also set filters or limit your search by audience (i.e. Young adult) or genre.
  2. Plan ahead with Holds.
    Often times popular books will need to be placed on hold. If you are looking to read a book that is not available, place it on hold in advance and when it comes in you will get notified.
  3. Connect with Multiple Libraries.
    You can connect libby to more than one public library as long as you have a library card. If you have library cards for the Richmond Public Library and the Vancouver Public Library, you can add both to your account to access a wider collect of available books.
  4. Manage your Holds with Suspensions.
    You can suspend a hold if you currently have books you are reading but your hold is coming up soon. A suspension will hold your place in line but allow the next reader in line to borrow it first. When you are ready, cancel the suspension and you’ll be the next in line!


Any other questions?

Check out Libby Help at: