Citing books & websites

At your survival fair, you’ll need to submit a list of sources you used for your project.

The title will be WORKS CITED, and you will list all your sources alphabetically by author.

Please remember to keep track of the following information for every book or website source you use:

BOOKS:  Author, book title, city book was published, publisher, date of publication, pages you found the info on.

WEBSITE:  Author, title of article or video, title of website, date published, exact web address.

Once you have the information, you can create your MLA citation by copying these formulas exactly, including punctuation.

Book formula:

Last name, first name.  Book Title. City of publication: Publisher, year.

Website Formula:

Last name, first name. “Title of article or video”.  Website title.  Date published.  Exact web address.

Other hints:

  • indent every line after the first line four spaces only
  • if there is more than one author, include the name of the first author, and add “et. al.” after to indicate there’s more authors.     ie.  Rowling, J.K. et. al.
  • if someone has a PhD, include it after the first name:  Osborne, Jamie, PhD.
  • if there is more than one city, use the first city noted.
  • Worldbook and Brittanica will create your citation for you- select “Cite this” and “MLA style” and it will create a citation for you.
  • Keep a working list of sources you use on a Word document
  • you can use to create your list of citations, once you have collected all your source information.  Select, “MLA” format, and “create citations”, then choose either “book” or “website”.


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