Summer Reading Challenge

The Library is closed for the summer… reading doesn’t have to stop!


Summer Reading Bingo!

Complete one or more rows of this reading bingo board and submit completed rows to this form for prizes in September!

Click here to download a bingo board

Complete a row to win: 
-Early access to the Learning Commons and first dibs on checking out new books in September
-Magnetic bookmark
-Enter the draw to win a $20 indigo gift card (complete 2 rows, enter the draw twice!)

Going for a blackout: 
-Get all 5 rows to win a McLibrary tote bag!

*Note: If you complete more than 1 row, please submit a form for each row.

submit your completed rows here!

eBooks & Audiobooks available through sora all summer!

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June in the Learning Commons

Looking for more info on these activities, you’ve come to the right place!


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JUNE Reads

Check out this months reading themes below! Check out these books in the Learning Commons or click on the signs to browse the collections in destiny discover:


Click on the signs to explore the books in this category and place one on hold!



You’ll get a sticker and enter a draw to win a free book at the end of the month. Collect all FOUR stickers and come to the movie party!  



June Maker Challenge: 3D Book Covers

The Challenge:  Create a 3D book cover using Lego, pom poms, tissue paper, clay or Perler beads.  

Come at lunch June 6-10

Draws for participants for  VINYL STICKERS
Winning team gets the PRIZE BOX!



 Win Ice cream for your homeroom by returning your library books by JUNE 10th!


Books available through sora all summer!

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