“Those who learn the art of good research in middle school will unlock the key to success in high school, university and beyond!’      ~Anonymous

Like that guy said, learning how to research well will help you immensely.  Click the drop-down menu under the title “research help” (see the menu bar) to explore different research topics like…

  • How to find excellent sources of information
    • Including– how to analyze your Google search websites to determine whether they are high quality sources or not
  • How to easily take notes
    • Including– how to skim for important information, how to restate important points in your own words and a template you can download and use to help you organize your notes and source
  • How to create a proper bibliography and why it’s necessary
    • Including– simple, step-by-step instructions to use to create bibliographies
  • Subject specific websites to help you in class research projects- Coming Soon!