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Looking for info on November activities? You’re in the right place!



 This month’s reading themes are Historical Fiction- Experience the Past and This Just in!  Check out the books on display in the Learning Commons or browse the collections in destiny discover:


Click on the signs to explore the books in this category and place one on hold!

If you read an historical fiction or Library League Recommends book in November, you can collect a sticker at the end of the month for the WeRead Community challenge and join us at the book party for snacks, games and prize draws!





We’re running our first ever KEVA plank Olympics! Sign up with a team of 4 to participate. We’ll host a different challenge each day at lunch. Take a photo of your creation for each challenge and add it to the Padlet to earn points. The winning team will receive the Rice Krispie trophy and 3D Printed medals! 


  • Sculpture involving a spiral
  • Structure with only 1 plank as the base
  • Structure with unsupported overhangs
  • Structure with at least one plank on its end, on its side, flat, and on an angle.

Sign up will be posted Wed Nov 8th
Stay tuned on Teams for details!


DIY LC Christmas Decor

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We need your help to create festive decor for the Learning Commons! Come Nov 22-29 to work one of two crafts: Crafted Felt Christmas Trees or little Nordic houses! Come Nov 22nd for instructions and any day until the 28th to work on yours. Our hope is to create a snowy Christmas village in December. We’ll display your creation until the winter break, and you can take it home just in time for the holidays.

Happy November, from a chibird whose scarf unraveled extremely specifically! :D | Chibird, Happy november, Cute memes

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