April in the Learning Commons

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Check out this months reading themes below! Read a book from one of these categories to get a sticker and enter a draw to win a free book! Check out these books in the Learning Commons or click on the signs to browse the collections in destiny discover:


Click on the signs to explore the books in this category and place one on hold!


You’ll get a sticker and enter a draw to win a free book at the end of the month. Collect all FOUR stickers for an invite to the end of year movie party!



THIS WEEK ONLY: join In for….

Each day this week, you will see a series of green, yellow or grey letters posted outside the Learning Commons window, and you will have ONE chance based on these to see if you can guess which 5 letter book title it represents!

NEXT UP: The Olym-poet-ics!

A poetry challenge for national poetry month!

Points awarded to the gold, silver, bronze submissions of reach of these for a grand prize at the end. Come this FRIDAY at lunch to learn more!



Come Friday April 22nd for more info and a mini sphero tutorial. Challenge runs Mon Apr 25- Fri Apr 29th.

Winning team will receive the Robot Maze Prize Box!


For more information on any of these events, check out this video: 


March in the Learning Commons

Welcome to March! March break is around the corner. Whether you are travelling or staying put, I hope you get a chance to at least escape into the world of a good book this month!


This month’s theme is… Reading can take you places!


March Reads

This month we’re featuring adventure, dystopian and historical novels. Read a book from one of these categories to get a sticker and enter a draw to win a free book! Check out the books on display in the Learning Commons or browse the collections in destiny discover: 

Click on the signs to explore the books in this category and place one on hold!




You’ll get a sticker for your bookmark and enter the draw for the free book!



The LEGO Landmark contest

Come any lunch between Mar 2nd- Mar 8th to create a famous landmark or building out of lego. All landmarks due WEDNESDAY MARCH 10th 

Winning team will receive the Lego Prize Box
(on display in the Learning Commons)!



This is where I read photo contest

Submit a photo of yourself either in the usual spot that your read, or a completely UNUSUAL spot to be reading- up to you to decide!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Submit your photo by emailing it to sjenden@myrcs.ca by March 31st 

3 photos will win a prize from the library prize bin!

February in the Learning Commons

Looking for more info on these activities, you’ve come to the right place!


Design a Colouring Book page!

Design a colouring book page template that either promotes kindness, represents the impact of kindness or illustrates this years pink shirt day theme: “Lift each other up”.

You can use art, a quote or a combination but all artwork must be original (drawn by you). If you use a quote please name the person who first said it!

Remember…Don’t colour it in yet!

It would be a good idea to outline or fine line your design with a thin black marker, but remember not to colour it in. The idea is to create a page that someone else can colour in


Stop Motion Love Stories

Come Wednesday Feb 9th to learn how to use the Stop-Motion App and any lunch between Feb 9th-Feb 16th,  or create one at home to submit!

When you are done you can upload your video to Onedrive and email Mrs. Jenden a link (sjenden@myrcs.ca) or come to the Learning Commons to Airdrop it to me!

Winning team will receive the Valentine’s Day prize jar
(on display in the Learning Commons)!

Want to get started using the Stop-Motion App?
Check out this Guide to get started!



February Reads

Read a book from one of these categories this month, and enter a draw to win a free book! Check out the books on display in the Learning Commons or browse the collections in destiny discover: 

Click on the signs to explore the books in this category and place one on hold!


Once you’ve read your book, submit your form HERE

Reading Raffle- February

We have five great new reads being featured this month and you can enter a draw to be the FIRST person to check this book out from our school! See below for a summary of each of the books, and come at lunch Wed-Fri to get your name in a draw. You can have 1 ticket each day at lunch!


For Joy, home has always been her family’s house. But when her dad loses his job and they are forced to downsize to a tiny apartment, her notion of what home is begins to change. Their new apartment is far from ideal with it’s paper-thin walls and shared bedrooms but the worst part is that this also means she can’t take piano lessons anymore and now she doesn’t have music to escape to when mom and dad are fighting. The move is really hard on Joy, until she discovers her apartment complex’s best kept secret: The Hideout, a cozy hidden storage area that only kids know about. Here, she starts connecting with other kids in the building and discovers another kid whose grafitti makes her think they are also struggling. Joy is determined to figure out who this mystery writer is but with everything else on her plate, she feels like she is barely keeping her own head above water. A timely and heartfelt story about friendship, community, and connection!

If you liked…A Good Kind of Trouble, Maybe he Just likes you, From the Desk of Zoe Washington…you might like this book


When scientists discover a rare and mysterious mineral buried in the Earth’s crust, they have no idea that it just happens to be the most valuable substance in the entire universe. So valuable, in fact, that it is worth starting a war over. A war that is very soon making it’s way to Earth. Leo knows this all too well. His father is an intergalactic coalition scientist and decides it would be best for them to leave earth behind, but on their expedition their ship is attacked, Leo’s father is kidnapped and his brothers stranded in space. Their last hope is for Leo to stow away on a strange ship of space pirates, and beg the captain to help him find his father. The mission is dangerous, and Leo must decide who to trust as he tries to stay alive and save his family. And he soon comes to learn that there aren’t many beings—human or alien—that he can count on in this brave new universe.

If you liked…Enders Game, I am Number Four, Posted…you might like this book

Calling all Blackthorn Key Fans….Book FIVE is finally here! Christopher, Tom and Sally are back in London at last. The plague has ended, and the King offers a surprising reward, but trouble has followed them home. First an old friend is ambushed, next a mysterious riddle arrives with a warning of a murderous conspiracy. Someone is out to kill the King, and anyone else who dares stand in the traitor’s way! Get ready for another action-packed adventure with no shortage of riddles, puzzles, potions and codes- all waiting to be cracked!

If you liked…Blackthorn Key, Space Case, The Storm Runner…you might like this book

Meilan’s world consists of her family, the family run bakery and her favourite Chinese fairy tales. When Nai Nai passes away and her family has a falling-out, Meilan, her parents and Gong Gong leave Boston, the only home she’s ever known, and end up landing in Redbud, Ohio. It is a stark transition from the tight-knit community she has in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown to rural Redbud, Ohio and Meilan is not quite sure who she is anymore. On her first day of school, she is renamed “Melanie”, to try to ‘help her fit in’, the first of many instances of racism she encounters and she continues to deal with countless micro-aggressions as she tries to find her place in a small town where she is the only Asian girl at her school.  She tries to lay low as she finds her place, but when an injustice occurs at school she must decide to push past her insecurities and do something about it! A powerful story about family, justice and standing up for what you believe in.

If you liked…Front desk, Blended, Out of my Mind…you might like this book


Jolene spends every day she can at the library watching her favorite livestream: The Desert Aviator, where twelve-year-old “Addie Earhart” shares her adventures flying an ultralight plane over the desert. Jolene dreams of what it would be like to fly far away from her own troubled home life. And Addie, who is grieving the loss of her father, finds comfort in her online conversations with Jolene, her one and only fan. One day, Jolene witnesses a disaster, as Addie’s engine stops abruptly and her plane plummets to the ground. Jolene knows that Addie won’t survive long in the extreme heat of the treacherous Arizona desert and sets out to rescue this young pilot with only a hand drawn map and a stolen cell phone.  A captivating survival story about not giving up on someone who needs you!

If you liked…Hatchet, Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus….you might like this book

*Summaries are powered by Goodreads!

Come get your name in the draw this week!

Social Justice Book Tasting- Jan 2022

Hi Grade 8s- This week you will have the opportunity to “taste” a variety of books before you select one for your Social Justice Book Report. If you are absent this week, do not fret, follow these instructions to do a virtual book tasting! 🙂



1.  Read through the descriptions of each form of injustice

2.  Choose the 2-3 topics that are most interesting to you, explore the books on those lists. 

3. Each Wakelet contains a summary of this book and if you click on the book it will take you to a sample in google books that you can read

4.  Download this handout and take notes of books that catch your attention or spark your interest! You will need to choose a book that you have not read yet!


Click on the box to view the book list for each topic:






How do I get a book?

A sign up will be posted on teams that you can use to claim a library copy in Monday January 24th at 7:00 pm. This will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE and these books will be checked out to you and delivered to your homeroom later that week.

If you do not get your top choice and want to find this book on your own you are welcome to purchase the book or locate it at a public library as long as you can have a copy of the book by the start of your first work block!

Stay tuned!
The book sign up will be posted
MONDAY JAN 24th at 7:00 pm!



January in the Learning Commons

Welcome back to school everyone! It is a new year and we have a new challenge that you can participate in, as well as two activities you won’t want to miss this month!

2x2x2 January Challenge

Submit your tasks HERE by february 7th

When you’ve complete your board (all six tasks, bring it to Mrs. Jenden in the Learning commons to get your name in the draw)

Check out this video for more information on the challenge:


Cards for healthcare workers

Wed Jan 19/Thurs Jan 20th
Sign up outside the Learning Commons


Ready, set, make!
Wed Jan 26/Fri Jan 28th
Sign up outside the Learning Commons

Comfy Cozy Lit Day

Check out the details below for our Comfy Cozy Lit Day on Monday, November 29th!  Don’t forget to bring a book to silent read.  As well, wear your PJs to contribute to your class getting Spirit Points!

Mesopotamia Podcasts

7T Podcasts

Culture – JJ, Ethan, stephy, darren & natalie


location – Daniel, micaela, paloma, lucas w. & Eugene l.


organization – Nolan, jamie, lucas c., lily & Eugene f.


settlement & trade – lawren, nick, Harmony, Claire & dj


technology – steven, trevor, carissa, angel & leo

7sh Podcasts

Culture – nicole t., alicia, emily, annie & Nicole l.


location – juliet, mikane, silas, hailey & micah


organization – natalie y., lauren, aaren, noelle & gab


settlement & trade – ben, ethan, isaiah, Braeden & tessa


technology – logan, lukas, marcus, gabriel & ayden



7sc Podcasts

organization – aiden, alivia, kristen, Charlotte & liya


settlement & Trade – michelle, rafel, nathania, jaydon & Bernice


technology – alton, jolon, hayden, Jadon & Eric

Hello Fall!

The Learning Commons has just received another shipment of new books.  Check back in the Learning Commons over the next two weeks, as we continue to update our new book display!

Gobble up a good Book!

There is a new challenge running in the Learning Commons from now until October 20th!  Check out the poster below for details.  You can grab a book review form from the turkey display in the Learning Commons.  Once you have completed the book review, turn it into one of the teacher librarians, and we will enter your name into a draw for a $20 Indigo Gift Card!