March in the Learning Commons

Every book is a passport to a different world.
Where will you go this month?

Looking for more info on our March activities? You’ve come to the right place!

March Reads

This month’s book themes are Book Fair Favs and Livres en Francais  and International Women’s Day. Check out the books on display in the Learning Commons and find a great read today!


Read a book from one of these themes in March to collect a sticker at the end of the month and join for the WeRead book party for snacks, games and prizes!


Just because we’re not at school, does not mean that making has to stop! Join in for our March Making Challenge:

 Complete a full row and share photos of your creations on our Padlet to enter the draw for an indigo gift card at the end of the month! These can be completed at school or home. The only requirement is it has to be something you’ve made SINCE this challenge started! 😉

Padlet link is on Teams!

Want some ideas and inspo? Click here!


Send the Mclibrary a postcard

Going somewhere on Spring Break? Send a postcard to the MC Library from wherever you travel! You can send your postcard from nearby or far away!  Anyone who sends in a postcard will enter the draw for this candy jar after the break. Come get info in the Learning Commons!


French Language week

March 20th is International Francophonie Day! We’re partnering up with amazing Mme. Yoyotte to celebrate French this month!

After March break, we’ll have an interactive bulletin board of French Idioms and a challenge to guess what each one means. We’ll also have a French game day at lunch! Stay tuned for more details after the break.

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