Look here for some great online resources about Body Systems for your “I Wonder” project:

All Body Systems:


Nervous System:

Khan Academy Video

Khan Academy Article

Ted Talks:

How do Nerves Work?


Endocrine System:

What is Sweat?

Why do we sweat? 

What is Acne?

The Mayo Clinic- All about Acne

The Science of Blushing

Why do I blush? 

Why do people Blush?

Related Ted Talks:

How do your Hormones Work?

Why do we Sweat?

Does Stress Cause Pimples?


Excretory System:

Khan Academy Video

Khan Academy Article

All about Urine

Britannica Online- What is Urine?

Britannica Online- What is Poop (Feces)?

Oh Poop! Facts about Poop.

The Scoop on Poop

Ted Talk:

How do your Kidneys Work? (How they produce Urine)



The Science behind Freckles

Understanding Freckles

Understanding Memory- A collection of resources recommended by a fellow student