Builder’s Challenge- Day 1: Christmas Morning from Lego

Today, we started our first Builder’s Challenge! Students could work in teams of two to interpret the following prompt using Lego.  Our winners got to choose either a Lego minifigure or they could take a risk and open any door in a Lego Advent Calendar.

Here are some of our contest entries!

Santa is watching Bob open his Christmas presents. There’s a green bin outside (yay for environmental responsibility!) by Vanessa and Nicole, Grade 6.

A Festive, Cool, Christmas morning by Brayden and Owen, Grade 6

Tom just woke up to see the winter wonderland outside.

The sneaky monkey opens his presents before Christmas, but doesn’t see Santa staring at him! By Wayne & friend, Grade 8

SECOND PLACE: Inside the house the father is giving a present to the boy. The place is littered with presents. There is an awesome Christmas tree with a star at the top. Christmas is about giving, not getting! (by Solomon and Theo, grade 6)

FIRST PLACE: People are giving gifts to each other and having a good time. By Travis and Jeremy, grade 6.

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