8T Audio Recordings

  1. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs; read by BEN:


2.  The Fabulous Friend Machine, read by DARREN


3. You Hold Me Up, read by DEBORAH


4. Adrift at Sea, read by ETHAN


5.  The Journey, read by GABE


6. Gravity, read by JON & ANSON


7.  I am Human, read by JIO


8.  Out, read by GRACE & KAREN


9. We Are All Dots, read by JOSH W


10.  The Day War Came, read by SANDRA


11.  Those Shoes, read by WESLEY


12. We’re All Wonders, read by OLIVIA


13. Happy Dreamers, read by ELISABETH


14.  The Eleventh Hour by ELISHA & REYA


15. Dog Breath by ADRIAN





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