March in the Learning Commons

Welcome to March! March break is around the corner. Whether you are travelling or staying put, I hope you get a chance to at least escape into the world of a good book this month!


This month’s theme is… Reading can take you places!


March Reads

This month we’re featuring adventure, dystopian and historical novels. Read a book from one of these categories to get a sticker and enter a draw to win a free book! Check out the books on display in the Learning Commons or browse the collections in destiny discover: 

Click on the signs to explore the books in this category and place one on hold!




You’ll get a sticker for your bookmark and enter the draw for the free book!



The LEGO Landmark contest

Come any lunch between Mar 2nd- Mar 8th to create a famous landmark or building out of lego. All landmarks due WEDNESDAY MARCH 10th 

Winning team will receive the Lego Prize Box
(on display in the Learning Commons)!



This is where I read photo contest

Submit a photo of yourself either in the usual spot that your read, or a completely UNUSUAL spot to be reading- up to you to decide!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Submit your photo by emailing it to by March 31st 

3 photos will win a prize from the library prize bin!

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