What’s Your Reading Resolution?

Here at the mclibrary, it’s important that every student finds books they love to read. As Dr. Seuss tells us,

The more that you read

The more that you’ll know.

The more that you’ll know,

The more places you’ll go!

To get students reading, we’ve challenged students to set their 2017 Reading Resolutions:

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Students are instructed on how to set specific, reasonable goals that still present a challenge, and then declare their reading resolution by posting it on our wall:

Some frequent readers aimed for reading 101 books (!!!!), while others set a goal to read 3 novels per year, which will be a challenge for them. I’m proud of everyone who set their reading resolution!

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Finally, students were asked to begin tracking their reading goals using either a paper tracking sheet that I created or by creating their own GoodReads account to begin tracking their reading digitally.

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Those who get a good headstart on their reading goal before January 31st will be entered into a draw for some Starbucks gift cards and other goodies!  Come by the library to set your reading resolution today!


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